Android Weather Display, updated

VBSP WeatherMade a bunch of progress on the Weather Display. I started with Weather Underground data, since I send data from several of my SensorPacks there. I don’t send information from all my SensorPacks there, only ones actually measuring outdoor conditions. In addition to those outdoor weather stations, I have a sensor I move around the house just to test xbee signals from different places. I also have one in a closet in the garage where we keep wine, which has two accessory sensors as well, one in a wine bottle filled with water on the shelf, and one in the wine chiller. That’s so you can see the room temp, the in-bottle temp, and the in-chiller temp (project description coming soon!).

Also bought an inexpensive Android tablet (a Barnes and Nobel Nook), and have the app running on my DroidX, as well as the tablet, displaying up to 4 stations on the Droid, and up to 8 on the Nook.

The basic functionality works well enough, next big step is to add a per-station detail page, but thought I’d post the app in it’s current state now. It’s my first non-trival Android app, so still learning my way around the system, and how to get things working with Android. App can be downloaded here, and the source code, such as it is, can be found here.