Barn projects update

Well, 2 years seems like a long time for an update. Naturally, an eventful time. I retired from being an exec in the tech industry (yay!). Since building the VoltBarn, have spent time equipping it with a variety of tools, and started learning a bunch of different crafts, in addition to electronics projects. Also gathered a small collection of pinball machines, since the combination of electronics and mechanics fascinated me.

I took a couple metalworking classes, and a wood working class. I now have a mini-forge with basic blacksmithing tools, a selection woodcarving tools, extended my collection of leatherworking tools, and have spent the second half of the year working on different projects to learn enough of the basics to be able to make gifts for friends and family.

Will create some different categories to highlight different projects I’ve done, but will keep it all under the Voltbarn umbrella. Will try to update a bit more often!