LED Driver board

After building a display station, based on some really nice 6.5″ LED’s I got from SparkFun, I found that wiring it up was straighforward, but quite messy, using a breadboard. A lot of wires to connect, a lot of resistors. I designed a circuit board to help out, which turned out like this:

Very straighforward assembly, 4 sockets, 32 resistors, a pile of screw terminals, and viola!

The breadboard was also easy to put together, but ended up taking up two full-sized boards, and would have been too delicate to use in something that will get moved around a lot:

The board, all hooked up to the LED’s and the Arduino. This also gave me the opportunity to use a single 12V adapter to run both the LED’s and the Arduino, feeding both 12V for the LED’s and 5V for the shift register control to the board from the Arduino. Much cleaner setup: