Multi-display weather monitor

Using several serial LED displays, I expanded my earlier single-display monitor. This uses an XBee to receive information sent from a computer from one or more SensorPacks, and show the current time (sent from the computer, I didn’t want to add the cost of a real time clock, since this would be talking to a computer anyway), on-board temperature (using a DS18B20), and depending on how you’ve set up the software on the computer, output from one or more weather stations.

The display wiring is simple, just using 1 pin per LED to send data, and a photoresistor to dim the display based on ambient light. I still want to work to do on the inter-device communication, adding the ability for the weather monitor to directly display output from SensorPacks, in addition to data relayed through an intermediary. To get to that stage, I’ll need to write some string parsing code. Wiring, the language I’m using to write my Arduino code, has very little support for string handling, so there’s a bit more code to be written to get that working well.